We guarantee * the sale of your property within 6 months

If you want your property to be sold immediately, you are in the right place
You see your offers directly and you negotiate the best price
We promote your property to potential buyers from all over the world
Personalized support from our dedicated expert
Why Prosperty
Your plan selection is important
You decide, we guide you. At Prosperty we have created 3 flexible plans tailored to your needs. Choose between Standard, Premium and Exclusive.
We collect all the documents for you
With Prosperty you do not need to remember where you have saved all the necessary documents. We help you and keep them safe in your personal online storage space. Our legal partners are by your side and provide you with all the initial real estate legality check, as well as the technical support for the issuance and the verification of the documents.
Listing done professionally
Professional photos, impressive 360​​° virtual tours, drone videos for a better understanding of the area, improved floor plans, illustrations, original architectural designs and detailed descriptions.
Promotion on Greek and international sites
Your property is not forgotten on another real estate site. We promote it on 120 international portals targeting foreign buyers, as well as on the most popular sites in Greece. In addition, we create exclusive marketing campaigns for your property.
Get offers directly on your mobile
You maintain absolute control. Wherever you are, you have access to all the offers for your property directly from the potential buyers, without us getting involved in the negotiations.
One of our people is always by your side
A Prosperty agent monitors the analytics of your property and informes you directly regarding the number of people that clicked, where they came from and when they saw it.
We provide you with a Marketability report
With Prosperty you have complete information about the prices in the neighborhood of the property, and we also advise you by evaluating the commerciality of the area. In addition, you can compare the prices of the competition in your area, based on characteristics of your property.
Our commercial policy

Standard Listing

  • Marketing in local market
  • Standard presentation with Photos

Exclusive Listing

  • Guaranteed sell within 6month, otherwise no commission (0%) applies
  • Get your marketability report, comparing your property with similar property in your area
  • Promotion through VIP digital channels and publishers
  • Marketing in 120 countries and direct promotion in 20,000 verified buyers
  • Impressive presentation with use of professional photos, 360° virtual tour, drone videos and floorplans
  • Top Ranking in the search results

Premium Listing

100€ + 2%
  • Marketing in 120 countries and direct promotion in 20,000 verified buyers
  • Impressive presentation with use of professional photos, 360° virtual tour, drone videos and floorplans
  • Get your marketability report, comparing your property with similar property in your area
  • High ranking in the Search results

Note: For very specific areas and type of properties, commission may vary

Note: In case, the asking prices has been mutually agreed

In every policy, there is a plus

Analytical inspection report

Access analytics for your demands

Digitization of your documents

Online viewing requests

Online manage your offers


How does Prosperty work?

We have identified the following steps in the process for the phases of presale and sale:


1. Submit your property online
We only need you to submit the basic info of your property and your personal Prosperty agent will take over the whole process.

2. Book your property valuation
You can book our engineer site visit according to your availability. Access our online calendar and select the date and time.
Provide us with your property documents and we will digitize them for you. If anything is missing we can issue it.
Receive an analytical report and access your documents online.

3. Choose your pricing plan
It's time for you to select which pricing plan fits better to your needs. We provide flexible plans. From Pay now to Pay monthly even to Pay later.

4. Legal Check
We proceed with the initial Legal Check (Title Search, etc) and if everything is in order and your property can be sold, we proceed to the next step.

5. Professional Presentation
We take professional photos, create walk-throughs and enhanced floor plans. If your property is not in a good condition, don’t worry, we can prepare 3D rendering and visualization models.
We use advanced tools to make your property stand out.

6. Review and publish your property
Your property page is ready to go public.
Your personal Prosperty expert reviews the data and notifies you with the public link of your property.


7. Technical Support
Prosperty offers full service ongoing technical support to make your property sale-ready. We assist you to complete anything needed for your property to be ready for sale.

8. Viewings and Analytics
Viewings with potential buyers are scheduled online. You are notified of each viewing request.
From your personal dashboard you can access all the analytics regarding your property.

9. Offers Management
Receive online offers from domestic and international buyers, negotiate the price and accept the best offer.
10. Sign the pre-agreement
The pre-agreement is prepared by one of Prosperty’s legal partners and you can e-sign it through the platform.
This agreement is between you, Prosperty and the buyer and describes all the required prerequisite conditions for the successful completion of the sale. A deposit for your property will be made by the buyer in our secure escrow account.

11. Sale Contract Preparation
Prosperty's legal and notary services prepare the contract and guarantee the finalization of it. Your can monitor the whole process through your personalized dashboard. However, your personal Prosperty expert stands by you during the whole process.

12. Sign the Contract and Cash in
Meet up and sign the final contract in front of the notary. A successful sale is completed and you can receive the proceeds now.

Why should I use Prosperty rather than a traditional estate agent?
Prosperty turns buying and selling your property into an enjoyable experience of comprehensive services, just the way it should be. Instead of commission and real estate fees, we bring you cutting-edge technology, innovative applications, transparency and reliability and provide you with the largest database of premium real estate in the finest and most commercial areas. We bring buyers and sellers in direct contact; we open the real estate market, securing access to international investors; we offer effective investment solutions and multiply the potential of your property with the best possible outcome for you.
Through Prosperty you will sell faster, more reliably and at the best possible price.
What does the listing cost include?
Having access to both domestic and foreign buyers, Prosperty undertakes the proper preparation of your property for a fast sale. We invest in the legal and technical preparation of your property, in its professional presentation and its promotion to the right marketing and communication channels aiming at the best possible outcome for you. Finally, you can monitor in real time all of your property statistics, viewings and bids until the sale process is finalized.