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Why with Prosperty

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    You will not miss any opportunity!

    At Prosperty you will find properties that are put up for auction and are truly worth a look, all with detailed presentations. All you have to do is show your interest and we will take care of the rest!

  • auctions participation

    Don't even think about it!

    If participating in an auction worries you and you do not know how you can participate, you no longer need to stress! The experienced and specialized team of Prosperty prepares you and guides you through how to participate in the process.

  • auctions participation

    In the end is it worth it or not?

    Prosperty will answer all your questions about the value of the property you want to acquire. Through a detailed report we will help you to understand the current commerciality of the wider area, as well as the sale prices and the rental prices of the respective properties.

  • auctions participation

    Take the keys to the property in your hands

    If you win the auction, Prosperty will take care of all the formalities right up to the point you get the keys and the property contract in your hands.


Participation Cost

Forget all the hassle with paperwork and time consuming procedures.

The price includes the appraisal of the property, the commerciality of the area and historical data, all of which you will receive in detail from us.

Property Acquisition

In case you win the auction, we will refund the amount and our payment is now 2% of the final amount of the successful completion of the process.

But we left the best for last. The specific percentage of the commission that we will receive, includes the support of the transfer process! When the good contract arrives in your name, we give you the keys in hand, provided of course that there is no tenant in the property.

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Not at the moment, however, housing programs are expected to be on the market, which are intended for the purchase of real estate for auction.
Through in which you must have registered as a member (candidate bidder), so that you have the right to submit an application. For any question call us at 210 6812 500.
The supporting documents for participation are defined by law, depending on the legal form and the country of origin of the candidate bidder.
The electronic auctions take place on Wednesday or Thursday or Friday, from 10:00 a.m. until 14.00 or from 14.00 until 18:00.
Your consultant will guide you through the steps you need to follow and answer any questions you may have about the auction process.
Those who do not have a Greek VAT number, are initially registered electronically with the need to register with their country and then the final approval takes place by the competent e-auction official, in order to register in the system and be able to participate in the process.
The sale and rental prices of the properties of each area also determine its commerciality. Prosperty provides a detailed commercial report for each neighborhood, which includes data on both current sale and rental prices, as well as previous years.
Just click the 'Alert me' button on the Prosperty platform and you will receive an e-mail on a weekly basis about upcoming real estate auctions that meet your specifications.
For your participation in the electronic auction, it is necessary to pay, in an unsecured account that will be indicated by the auction notary, an amount of 30% on the first price, two working days before the day of the auction.
If another winner emerges or if the award has been canceled for any reason, your guarantee or letters of guarantee will be returned by the online auctioneer within a few days.
Prosperty is next to the respective bidder. The cost of the services it offers is 200 euros and includes, among other things, the appraisal of the property, the commerciality of the area and the historical data. In case he wins the tender, we return the 200 euros and our payment now concerns 2% of the final amount of the successful completion of the process.
The whole process is completely legal, since it is carried out through, the institutionalized environment where all the auctions are held in our country, with the participation of a certified notary. Prosperty does not conduct auctions.
All those who provide the necessary documents that have been requested for the application, if they have been approved by the auctioneer.
Yes, if possible.
The first and most important 'question mark' for the candidate bidder is the internal condition of the property. No one, not even the independent appraiser or the bailiff on execution, enters the confiscated property, especially if it is a residence. Therefore, the internal situation and layout of the property is unknown to the respective bidder, a fact that the latter must take into account when forming his judgment about the amount to be spent on its purchase.