We redefine the experience
for property owners, buyers and tenants.

Prosperty is building the future of real estate, using proprietary technology and data intelligence on the real estate market to provide a holistic and end-to-end experience for property owners, buyers and tenants, at a click of a button.

Prosperty revolutionizes the way the real estate industry works and offers simple, contactless, transparent and efficient procedures for the property selling, buying, letting and renting for all.

What’s new

Times have changed. We redefine how real estate works & we’re here to fix it!

  • We believe clients, like you, deserve a better alternative way that saves many thousands in fees and provides a faster, fairer and more enjoyable experience for all.
  • Prosperty steps forward and breaks the status quo by putting the needs and service of our clients above everything else. We want to give you an inside look into the unique way we do things - an efficient, transparent and effective business model we’re very passionate about.
  • By redefining and simplifying the traditional model, we give our clients unparalleled expertise, exceptional experience and quality in selling, buying, renting and transaction management, aligning interests and creating value for all.
  • We give the tools and personalized support to help guide our clients through a process that can be highly complex, stressful and emotional, investing in data and technology across the whole process to make it faster, easier and worry-free.
  • We guarantee clear, detailed communication, direct access, transparency and efficiency at every step of the way, until the deal-closing.

Real Estate is one of the few industries that has failed to change in the last many years and is broken - both in terms of cost/value and experience.
Processes are lengthy, paper-based and complex to navigate, there is lack of professionalism, information and transparency and most people who have dealt with a property have experienced the antiquated process and felt the pain of seeing unnecessary fees and commissions getting paid out of their pockets with questionable value and results. Clients are clearly not happy with this old way.

Our Values

Prosperty delivers the highest standard of service, designed to elevate your real estate experience and make it fair and pleasant. This is how we do it.





Data is the Future

We believe using data as the key enabler to making more informed and smarter decisions in real estate.

Systematic data-gathering and analysis is at the heart of our business as it allows us to better assess the state of the market, spot current and emerging trends and make better predictions, creating actionable insights and building reusable intelligence.

Our innovative data analysis algorithms and reports provide significant added value to both property owners and buyers/tenants and helps them reach the soundest decisions.

Our successful data-driven approach can yield powerful insights and help you draw valuable conclusions and identify opportunities regarding your real estate decisions, getting you ahead of the market.

Our Team

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prosperty team

Prosperty is a growing team of real estate experts, engineers, business, operations and marketing specialists, with a vision of revolutionizing the way the real estate industry works and making your experience fair, pleasant, and transparent. After all, it's more than real estate, it is your future.

the prosperty team

Each one of us has experienced the pains of buying, selling or renting a property and we are committed and fully focused to fix this.

We are a team of experienced professionals specializing in technology and residential and commercial property. We are supported by a carefully selected group of certified experts in valuation and finance, legal advisors, civil engineers, architects, interior designers and land surveyors, as well as specialists in the fields of marketing, visual, digital media and public relations, that we all work together to provide you with reliable and turn-key solutions.

Selling and buying property is for many people

one of the most important decisions in their lives.

Selling and buying property is for many people one of the most important decisions in their lives.

Becoming conscious of this very fact, the Prosperty team felt that in a rapidly evolving digital world this process can only be sustained by high quality services, providing tools and technologies of high added value, doing away with all of the previously mentioned obstacles. The people of Prosperty believe that you deserve the best possible support and are committed to delivering the best possible outcome.

Join us!

We’re building a revolutionary tech-powered real estate business that clients love in an organization where talented people are proud to work for.
Stay tuned for job openings or contact us here: careers@theprosperty.com