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Things have changed

Until Today

  • High transactional costs
  • Offline processes and no transparency
  • Insecurity with regard to the actual condition of the property
  • Poor presentation of listings, limited data
  • Long & often rigid price negotiations via the agent
  • Average of 180 days to complete the sale process
  • The property selling & buying experience has gone from joy to stress

Prosperty's Way

  • No more intermediaries, Less overall costs
  • Automated processes and online documentation
  • Hassle-free properties with full analytical inspection report
  • Professionally presented listings with analytical data
  • Direct price negotiation between buyer & seller
  • Wind-up the sale deed within 45 days
  • Prosperty makes selling & buying the wonderful experience it should be

How it works

Our Services


  • Inspection & renovation report
  • Legal & Technical due diligence
  • Concept Design


  • Legal support
  • Notary services
  • Escrow account for secure payment

Post Sale

  • Move-in management
  • Renovation management
  • Property Management (Rental & Maintenance)